Folkets Puck Hockeyklubb

Malmö’s largest not-for-profit hockey association.

Proud supporters and organizers of Hockey Night in Malmö’s Folkets Park since 2018. Join in, it’s always FREE and we have equipment you can borrow if needed!

Please always act in a safe and responsible manner! For your own, and everyone’s, safety during all activities we ask you to act with caution, use common sense and bring your own protective equipment as needed.

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Hockey Night in Folkets Park during the winter months will always be FREE!

We offer many other events throughout the year for free as well, however, renting ice and indoor facilities carries a cost so participants will need to contribute to participate in such activities.


Malmö Folkets Park

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In the news

SYDSVENSKAN: En plats för alla som saknar vintern – February 5th 2020

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